The 3rd Anniversary of the Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The "first" joint faculty of veterinary medicine in the whole nation has marked its 3rd anniversary, purposing to produce veterinarians as the "bridge" among humans, animals and the environment.

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Message from the Dean: Yasuo Kiso –2017

「Start,VetJapan South」・・・

The Dean of VetJapan South
  Prof. Yasuo Kiso


Our Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (JFVM) greeted the foundation sixth year. It will keep all school years in this for the first time. We don't think it has completed at last but it starts from here and brace ourselves.

  We are striving for the international standard of veterinary education and conducting the last preparation to accept certified evaluation and accreditation by European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE). Our JFVM curriculum included the education course required by EAEVE accreditation based on 'Core Model Curriculum for Veterinary Science Education', and we drastically reorganized the curriculum to offer the same standard of veterinary education for all students as core curriculum. As for lectures, we use simultaneously streamed class system and distribute teaching contents by multimedia to support self-directed learning of students. As for practices, we actually make small group of practices related to food・public health, introduce OSCE (objective structured clinical examination), and enhance participatory clinical practices after OSCE.

 The eight-storied new building iCOVER (International Center of Veterinary Education and Research) which is a symbol of JFVM has started operations the year before last. We greatly contribute to not only internal education but also education・research of infectious disease prevention as part of continuous education for local veterinarians by using 60 scale BSL3 level practice room which is unique in the whole country. In addition, we set up LINAC (a radiation therapy device such as tumors) at Animal Medical Center last spring and started higher treatment. We started 7days-24hours clinical service of large animals in addition to small animals. Furthermore, iPaDL (Integrated Pathology and Diagnosis Lab) was completed this March and it became possible for us to diagnose characteristic of disease.

 We accepted mock visitation by European veterinary university parties・specialists three times of the last three years and received significant indications related to many improvements to get EAEVE accreditation. As one of them, they pointed out that we used the word 'Joint' but we should use the word 'Shared' at the moment about the common faculty educational system. Therefore, we named 'common education course' composed by YUJFVM and KUJFVM 'VetJapan South' and decided to apply for the international accreditation as one education organization. We explained this VetJapan South at the last mock visitation and the visitor understood the strategy, process, common education course, and PDCA cycle and highly evaluated VetJapan South. We also got advice that we should explain more clearly the strategy of VetJapan South at the full visitation and put it into effect.

 We will establish Joint Veterinary Graduate Course with Kagoshima University next April. We think VetJapan South system will be more important because we will develop the common education course not only to faculty but also to doctor's course.

  We have to complete the JFVM system with preparation for EAEVE accreditation. Including all of them such as establishment of a research base, reorganization and improvement of educational system which can ensure the quality and efficient medical center clinical system, maintenance of reunion and education supporters association and so on, VetJapan South will start!

April 1, 2017
Yasuo Kiso

Dean of VetJapan South, and Dean of the Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Yamaguchi