The Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (JFVM) since 2012

The Department of Veterinary Medicine was made to be the joint faculty with another national university, Kagoshima University, for the first time in Japanese history.  JFVM effectively share educational resources, faculty, and facilities.


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Message from the Dean: Koichi Sato–2018

Director, Joint Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine
Dean, Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Yamaguchi University

Prof. Koichi Sato


 The first generation students of Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (JFVM) graduated in this March, and we welcomed the seventh generation students in this April. Until now, we walked a long way, but now, we greet a new academic year with feeling like standing on a new starting line. On the other hand, The United Graduate School of Veterinary Science was developed and dissolved into The Joint Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, and it really started in this April.

 JFVM will take two external accreditations in coming two years. One is veterinary educational evaluation in Japan by Japan University Accreditation Association (receiving in 2018). The other one is certified evaluation and accreditation by European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) which we have been preparing for over many years (receiving in June, 2019). Both of them are very important evaluation. First of all, it is our most important goal to get these accreditations.
 Many things have drastically changed for last six years, but all of them are the sequence of events which connect the past, the present and the future. JFVM was established in 2012 as compilation of efforts by predecessors for many years. It started based on the detailed plans and enough preparation, but many reforms have been implemented for the these six years in accordance with the change of international veterinary education. We strive to implement the reform which connects the historical veterinary education such as core curriculum. In the future, we reform the education system which consider the international certification.
  In addition, the system for quality assurance of education is greatly changing. The only academic teachers have thought about university veterinary education before, and the implication of stakeholders and students has not been reflected in contents or implemental methods of education. However in the world, the voice of students is reflected in veterinary education as well as organizational management or election of a head. It is difficult to say this system is the best, but it is worth to think about veterinary education between teachers, students, and stakeholders to make the education much better. The connection between teachers, students and stakeholders will create a new education style.
 Furthermore, the practice in veterinary education is going to change significantly. From the perspective of animal welfare, we are working to abolish the practice with pain to live animals and change to the practice by animal handling and animal practice models. In last academic year, we carried out the crowdfunding for purchasing animal models as "Challenge of JFVM-YU!” and we were able to end it in success. We could achieve the first aim on the fifth day. It was so surprising and gave us courage for the reform that many people supported our effort. We also have perfectly organized the support system for students such as alumni association, education support association by parents, and supporting association for student by teachers.  The connection of many people who love animals, graduates in JFVM, and their parents made these efforts possible.
 I think the two wheels of JFVM are Education and Research. In our faculty, we perform various kinds of research corresponding to the variety of veterinary medicine such as basic research, advanced research, and clinical research. All of them are conducted under the connection with internal or external researchers. We did hard work for the educational reform for these six years. During these periods, young professors have continued research consistently. We really hope that the research will bear fruit in several years and lead to the future.

 In JFVM-YU and new Graduate School, we will value connecting time or people and strive for education and research. I hope you will give us further guidance and encouragement in the future.

1st April 2018
Prof. Koichi Sato