Yamaguchi University, Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

<Understanding the nature and vertebrate health through researches on parasites>


Vice-Dean of International Relations
Professor, Veterinary Parasitology

Associate Professor, Laboratory of Veterinary Pathology

Our Lab

We are conducting taxonomic and epidemiological researches on parasites in a wide spectrum of vertebrate hosts such as fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and terrestrial mammals including domestic and wild animals. These efforts contribute to reliable identification and prevention of parasitic diseases of veterinary and public health importance, in addition to understanding of biodiversity and ecology of a variety of parasites. International research cooperation on parasites is made with researchers and veterinarians in China, Nepal, Vietnam, Philippines and Poland.

Research Interests

  • (Hiroshi Sato, PhD.) Researhes have been made and are in progress on the following topics:
  • Biodiversity of Trypanosoma spp. in rodents, reptiles, and amphibians, including a new species description of T. kuseli in flying squirrels and genetic definition of recorded but little known species such as T. grosi in field mice, T. minasense in New World monkeys, T. varani in a python;
  • Biodiversity of Strongyloides spp. in terrestrial mammals, including new species description of S. callosciureus in Asian sciurids, and genetic definiton of recorded but little know species such as S. procyonis in raccoons, S. robustus in American sciurids, and S. myopotami in nutrias;
  • Helminth fauna of endemic and introduced wild mammals and zoo animals;
  • Biodiversity of myxozoan parasites in fish, including new species description of Kudoa septempunctata in flounders (the cause of food poisoning in human beings), K. thunni in tunas, K. trachuri in Japanese jack mackerels, K. scomberi in a chub mackerel, etc.