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VVeterinary Pharmacology
<Investigate the microenvironment of the intestinal mucosa>


Dean of the Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Professor, Veterinary Pharmacology

Associate Professor, Laboratory of Veterinary Pharmacology

Our Lab

Because the digestive organs are connected to the outside the body directly, is exposed to various alien substances and bacteria, a food antigen. Therefore there are many serious diseases that intestinal epithelial cells are related to, for example, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, and diarrhea. The intestinal epithelium is converted into an always new cell by repeating controlled death and regeneration, and plays a role as a primary breakwater for those alien. We think that this intestinal epithelium is regulated not only by itself, but also by the micro environment around the cell (it is called "Niche"). We focus on to the intestinal epithelium and myofibroblasts to elucidate the control mechanism, and study about these cells and niche. In addition, we study about the phosphorylation of protein playing as a switch of the signal transduction in the cell from the viewpoint of dephosphorylation control (phosphatase control) mechanism.

Research Interests

  • Micro-environment consist of mucosal epithelial cells and myofibroblast.
  • Physiological and pathophysiological roles of protease-activated receptors.
  • Control mechanism of autophagy by Type2A phosphatase.
  • Role of Type2A phosphatase in cell canceration mechanism.

URL to Our HP

http://web.cc.yamaguchi-u.ac.jp/~vetpharm/ (Sorry, in Japanese)