Yamaguchi University, Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Large Animal Clinic


Professor, Large Animal Clinic

NISHI Yasunobu, PhD, DVM
Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Large Animal Clinic

Our Lab

 In the large animal clinical laboratory, we are working on regenerative medicine for bone and joint cartilage diseases and regenerative medicine for neurologicaldiseases as research subjects. Development of minimally invasive orthopedic techniques for bone and articular cartilage disease and aiming for reconstruction of bone, cartilage and peripheral nerve by regenerative medicine (biological tissue engineering, drug delivery system, stem cell transplantation, cultured cell implantation, porous ceramic carrier, etc.). Furthermore, we are aiming at improvement of anesthesia and pain management in perioperative period in industrial animal practice. 

 In addition, our laboratory holds a program for social workers "practice training of equine emergency medical learning". It aims to learn knowledge and technology necessary for emergency medical care of horses in 5 days with Yamaguchi University's Hands-on program, group discussion, E-learning using IT. In Hands-on clinical training sorted by organ, the models of horse emergency medical foundation, ophthalmology, cardiovascular equipment, respiratory equipment, exercise equipment, gastrointestinal equipment, image diagnosis, orthopedics, breeding, anesthesia. This program contributes to the education of domestic veterinary universities as an extracurricular practical training program for students of other universities.

Research Interests

  • Effect of Gelatin Hydrogel Sponge Loaded with BoneMarrow Mesenchymal Stem.
  • Effects of a synovial flap on equine osteochondral defects.
  • Minimally invasive surgery in horses.
  • The prokinetic effect of mosapride citrate in horse.
  • Autophagy at the feto-maternal interface.
  • Expression of LC3 family by several autophagy pathways.