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Professor, Veterinary Biochemistory

Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Veterinary Biochemistory

Our Lab

Eukaryotic cells possess at least four distinct anti-tumor barriers, namely, DNA repair, cell cycle checkpoints, apoptosis, and premature senescence. To maintain genomic stability, these barriers must be tightly coordinated to minimize DNA damage. The loss of such barriers often results in cancer, genetic diseases or tissue aging. Our laboratory focuses on the molecular mechanisms that maintain genome stability. In particular, we are working on chromatin modification-dependent DNA damage responses, analysis of Chk1 target oncogenes and molecular examination of hematopoiesis regulated by histone variants. Our research team comprises specialists in medical chemistry, genome biology and clinical medicine. By combining expertise from different fields of medicine, we aim to develop novel methods for the treatment and prevention of cancer, in order to achieve the goal of “extension of healthy life expectancy.”

Research Interests

  • Functional analysis of chromatin modification-dependent maintenance of genome stability
  • Molecular analysis of Chk1 target oncogenes
  • Decoding the mechanisms of cancer cell growth for development of effective cancer treatment
  • Molecular analysis of hematopoiesis regulated by histone variants