The Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (JFVM) since 2012

The Department of Veterinary Medicine was made to be the joint faculty with another national university, Kagoshima University, for the first time in Japanese history.  JFVM effectively share educational resources, faculty, and facilities.


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The Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Has Started

What is JFVM?

Yamaguchi University (YU) and Kagoshima University (KU) have founded the same faculty in each university to share education materials, human resources, and facilities to construct a new veterinary training curriculum. This system also strategically promotes the mutual supplemental faculty and facility placement to achieve international-level trainings. JFVM is capable of promoting an educational reformation to realize a "co-educational system to achieve the international-level veterinary education with mutual complement" and the "veterinary education and research to accommodate social needs." It is a whole new education system in Japanese undergraduate curriculum.

The Implementation of JFVM Curriculum

Students of JFVM at YU and KU both share the same curriculum, especially the Special Field Studies starting in their second year. The remote teaching system installed in both universities provides the students with real-time classes. In their 4th-6th year, especially, each university offers their advanced practices: infection related practice is mainly offered at YU, and diagnostic practice of large animals is offered at KU. The students can take these advanced practices at both universities.

JFVM Curriculum Outline

Implementation of the Remote Classes